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October 2020

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Considerations for Club Players

If your son chooses to participate with our High School program in the spring -- from the first day of tryouts to the end of the season -- he will be a part of the the HS program and expected to be dedicated to the HS program.   Except for four non-school events, he will be expected to only train, enjoy, and play for his HS team.   Except for those four non-school events, he may not play for club...until our season is complete. 

A student-athlete who violates this rule will no longer be allowed to continue playing HS soccer for the spring.  This is the WIAA Rule.   Further, if our program has a player violate this rule, SPHS may face sanctions (i.e. get in trouble.)  Also, players who violate this rule cannot be considered for team, conference or state post-season awards. 



So does this mean I have to choose between club and high school?

Depends.   Many clubs will ammend their spring seasons to accomodate this new spring HS season "reality."  For example, they may allow players to participate in these four non-school events and then allow them to start training/playing when our season is over. Some local teams may not even begin the U18 season until after ours ends.  If you are a club player, talk to your club to see what they plan to do.


What if my club will not allow me to play HS soccer and I'd rather play club?

As far as this HS coaching staff is concerned, this is another NLL (no love lost) situation.  Whatever decision you make will not affect your standing with us and will not reduce your prospects for playing HS soccer in the fall (nor in any way tarnish our fondness for you.) Many of you have plans to play college soccer and do not want to minimize chances to impress college coaches.  Some of you might just love your club team.  Makes no difference -- this is your choice.  We will respect this choice.  Just let us know if you plan to skip the HS season (no deadline as of yet) so we can make any needed adjustments.

(And so you don't misunderstand and think we're indifferent if you play for your HS or not: we'd love for you to play soccer for SPHS.   That's why we're here.  Varsity, JV Red, JV White, JV Black or Freshman -- there is a team with a caring coach waiting for you.) 

In brief:

  1. Find out what your club is going to do in the spring

  2. If club does not allow for HS soccer, take your time and make a decision

  3. If your decision is to play club, let us know as soon as you can (no deadline as of Oct.)

  4. Relax. Just relax. It's all good.

Volunteer Help Needed

The Booster Club is looking for volunteer help for the 2020 boys soccer season.  Below is a list of current board members, open positions, and other critical volunteer opportunities available.  If you are interested in volunteering, please feel free to contactat us at sphssoccerboysbooster@gmail.com.


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2020 Board Members


President Alexandra Speckmann-Ramirez


Vice President – OPEN POSITION


Secretary – Kara Ponti


Treasurer – Jodi Scherer


Senior Board Member – Doug Gerbitz


Board Member – Anne Parrish


Board Member – Dana Gunderson


Board Member – OPEN POSITION


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